Hearthstone Expansion Journey to Un’Goro Revealed, Trailer Released

by Matthew Hayes

Blizzard just unveiled the latest expansion for the world's most addictive digital card game. That's right, we're talking about Hearthstone, and in April we'll be taking the Journey to Un'Goro. Check out the announcement video right here:

"Journey to Un’Goro will take adventurers to the heart of the Un’Goro crater, a prehistoric region of Azeroth preserved in time. Rumor has it that previous explorers left some unfinished business in Un’Goro—daunting quest cards that, should you complete their requirements, grant rewards of monstrous power. It’s also said that the crater’s dinosaurs can adapt to any threat through a newly discovered form of evolution, and can be quite territorial. Though you’ll be tested at every turn, worry not! Your safety is virtually guaranteed . . . just make sure not to touch anything!"

Journey to Un'Goro will be free to all players, but as usual, you'll have the chance to get a leg up on teh new cards if you're the kind of person who loves opening card packs. Let's be honest: who doesn't love opening card packs?! For $50 you can pre-purcahse a special bundle of 50 packs containing all-new cards. There are very likely several broken epic and legendary cards to be exploited, so you'll definitely want to grab those puppies before they're nerfed.

In all, we're looking at 135 new cards here. Because we're dealing with a lot of dinosaurs, you better believe that hunters are going to love this expansion with all of the new beasts. We do get a great look at a new spell called "Volcano," though, which Shaman's will be unleashing upon unsuspecting opponents. Careful, though: the damage is split randomly among all minions, meaning yours could be hurt as well.

We also have several new elementals. Elementals are now their own minion type. We have several new legendary elemental cards, as well as some interesting tweaks on past elemental minions.

We also see the introduction of quest cards. Quests are kind of like secrets, only cooler. When you play a quest card you'll be set with a difficult task - like summoning 7 death rattle minions - and completing those tasks will grant you some of the most powerful cards in the game.

We'll be learning more about Journey to Un'Goro soon, so stay tuned!

By Matthew Hayes

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