Report: More Of Titanfall 2’s DLC May Have Been Revealed

by Robert Workman


Titanfall 2 has gotten a generous amount of downloadable content thus far, including a new Live Fire mode that has put soldiers on the ground to the test without their precious Titans to lean on. But according to a new leak from YouTube user Titanfall Legends, we haven’t seen anything yet.

In the new video, the user breaks down more content he came across for the game, and though it’s still unconfirmed at this point, it all sounds pretty exciting. Here’s what all Titanfall Legends revealed in the video:

Gamemode: Hunted

  • “Secure the Asset. Escape the Hunter.”
  • 4 on 4, 1 flag CTF?
  • 1 team defending, another attacking
  • Various objectives serving as “the asset”, with black box to be extracted
  • Prowlers and Shield Captain enemies returning from SP to help defense
  • Includes weapon lockers for resupply
  • No Titans, no Boosts

Gamemode: RAID

  • “Plant a bomb at the enemy hardpoint. Protect yours from the same.”
  • Titanfall: Global Offensive

Gamemode: Double or Nothing

  • “Kill both members of the enemy team.”
  • 2 on 2 elimination
  • Includes a unique bleedout mechanic to allow teammates to revive one another.

Gamemode: Co-op Bounty Hunt

  • “Kill all enemy waves.”
  • Frontier Defense without a defense objective?
  • Seems like it’ll be about as harsh with enemy waves, includes resupply lockers and deployable unlocks; maybe the Engineer class equipment will finally get used?
  • Confusingly, there is data such as “money earned for a player Pilot/Titan Kill”

Gamemode: Marked for Death

  • “Kill the marked Pilot.”
  • Titanfall 1 returnee
  • Has been sitting alongside the older mode notes for a while as a leftover from R1, but some new mode objective and score event text was added with this patch, so I think we can safely surmise that it is planned to be rereleased in R2

Weapon: R-101x Carbine

  • “Factory issue scoped predecessor of the R-201 rifle.”
  • Exact same performance as R-201 but with the Titanfall 1 model (probably)
  • Comes with an AOG in place of iron sights
  • Entertainingly, is missing the dismemberment tag that the R-201 just had added, hopefully that’s fixed before the weapon is pushed to release

Map: Relic

  • “Parts salvaged from this old IMC shipwreck are sent into the valley below for further processing.”
  • Titanfall 1 returnee

Map: Colony

  • “IMC and Militia forces clash in the close-quarters of an uncharted rural colony.”
  • Titanfall 1 returnee

Map: Township

Map: Traffic

Map: UMA

Map: Deck


Execution: Curb Check

  • “Curb check with style using your grapple.”
  • Grapple rope execution, confirming the tactical-inspired execution agenda
  • Seems to involve head stabbing??

Feature: Communication

  • Some recent commented out code suggests that there is a communication wheel and unlockable emotes coming soon, or at least in development

Tactical: Super Phase Shift

  • I have no idea. Probably a dev tool, but seems to just be Phase Shift with a duration of 999999

Prime Titan: Northstar

  • Execution will involve probably Flight Core, using dummy versions of the Tone’s tracker rockets

Prime Titan: Legion

It should probably be taken lightly until Respawn comes around to confirming it, but if all this is in fact coming, then Titanfall fans are in for a good time indeed.

Titanfall 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.

By Robert Workman

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