Battlefield 1: New Expansion Map Hides Dark Souls Easter Egg

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: EA)

Battlefield 1's first major expansion, They Shall Not Pass, is set to drop next month. Testing is already underway on the new maps, Rupture and For De Vaux, and some players have found something pretty interesting on Rupture.

Here's the deal. Somewhere, just barely out of bounds on Rupture, there is a hidden cavalry sword which players can pick up and use. The positioning of the sword is very peculiar. Players will notice that the sword has been placed blade first into a smoldering bonfire. This of course reminds us immediately of Dark Souls, as a sword protruding from a gently glowing pile of ash and wood has become one of the most iconic images in gaming. This leaves very little room for speculation, and seems to be a loving nod to the Souls series from the developers at DICE.

There's a trick here, though. Only one person can hold the cavalry sword at one time. That means that if you want a chance to go out and get stabby, you'll have to be quick to grab the sword yourself before anyone else has a chance. Once They Shall Not Pass goes live next month, we recommend going for the sword immediately when the round starts. That's your best chance. It won't be long before more people find out about this.

If you'd like to get a leg up on the competition, check out the following tutorial video which explains (and shows) very clearly how to grab the sword and where it's located. And stay tuned: we have more exciting information about the next three expansions coming to Battlefield 1 coming in just a moment, so check back to learn more.

By Matthew Hayes

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