Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Patch 1.10 Goes Live with Simultaneous Deaths/Kills

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Patch 1.10 has gone live from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare players.

The latest iteration in the Call of Duty series has seen many large patches since its release back in November of 2016, this being the latest of large patches following a relatively small one back on February 23.

Focusing mostly on cosmetics, only one feature will really impact the gameplay itself. Simultaneous Deaths/Kills will allow players to kill one another at the same time with ballistic and energy weapons.

It is not currently known whether or not it will ever end up as part of the competitive play ruleset.

2/28/17 Patch 1.10 – Xbox and PS4 Only

Featured Content and What’s New

• Show the last weapon used in Winner’s Circle instead of Payload

• 360 Rig Rotation in customization menu

• New weapons added to the Quartermaster

• Use of four Taunts instead of just one

• Simultaneous Deaths/Kills: This allows players to kill one another with ballistic and energy weapons at the same time. For example, if two players with low health fire at the exact same time, both players will die. The same would apply if two snipers headshot each other at the same time.

• Simultaneous Deaths/Kills: When this occurs, you’ll not only see it happen in the bottom left obituary, but you’ll also get a Medal called “Trade”. This is called “Kill Trade” in the options menu and will be defaulted to OFF in Custom and LAN. You can turn it on under the “Game” tab in CODCaster. You can play with this feature in Custom/LAN. It is not live in Public Matches

 General Fixes

• Fix for late players being shown as in a party even though they aren’t

• In FFA style modes, players would appear on colored teams in the lobby. This has been fixed

• Fix for various bugs that can occur after a host migration

• Fix for players appearing in 1st place despite losing in a FFA match against bots

• Bug fixes in the After Action Report Medals tab

• Fix for the weapon indicator at the bottom of the screen showing the wrong weapon after respawning in HC SnD

• On occasion, the scoreboard would briefly display a player’s score as the team score if the player had their scoreboard open during a round transition. This has been fixed

• Backend bug fixes

• Grind score limit is now 65 (was 85)

• Friendly Fire will now be disabled in Competitive playlists

Rave in the Redwoods

• Fixed a bug where mission rewards could show up incorrectly in the zombies menu

• Fix for a bug that would remove the icon a player had crafted if a host migration occurs

• Added 200 ranks and 10 new rank icons

• Added the R-VN and UDM to be unlockable for use via the Magic Wheel

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