Overwatch, Others Win Big At GDC Awards 2017

by Robert Workman


The Game Developers Conference is coming to a close by the end of the week, but one highlight from the show was last night’s GDC Awards, where a number of game companies were presented with awards for their efforts. We’ve got the full list of winners below, but there’s a funny little story regarding one of the awards.

It turns out that No Man’s Sky had no trouble winning the Innovation Award. However, the developers at Hello Games weren’t on hand to accept the award. The reason? They were busy eating dinner, thinking they didn’t have a chance to win the award. Oops.

Overwatch did quite well during the award show, taking home Game of the Year honors, along with Best Design; Battlefield 1 easily won the Audience Award at the show; and indie hits like Inside and Firewatch picked up a couple of awards as well.

Check out the full list of winners below!

Best Debut

  • Firewatch - Campo Santo 

Best Audio 

  • Inside – Playdead 

Innovation Award 

  • No Man’s Sky - Hello Games

Best Technology 

  •  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - Naughty Dog

Best VR/AR 

  • Job Simulator - Owlchemy Labs

Best Visual Art 

  • Inside - Playdead

Best Narrative

  • Firewatch - Camp Santo

Best Design 

  • Overwatch - Blizzard Entertainment

Best Mobile/Handheld Game 

  •  Pokémon Go – Niantic

Audience Award 

  • Battlefield 1 - EA/DICE

Game of the Year 

  • Overwatch - Blizzard Entertainment

By Robert Workman

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