Final Fantasy Battle Quiz Tests Even the Most Hardcore Final Fantasy Fans

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: Square Enix)

There's a brand new feature in Final Fantasy Record Keeper called "Battle Quiz!" If you're a hardcore Final Fantasy player, and you've played through most of the series, this battle mode was built for you. In Battle Quick you'll play as Cloud Strife, and instead of defeating foes with your typical spells and weapons, you'll advance through the stages by answering various trivia questions related to the Final Fantasy universe and its games.

You can access Battle Quiz straight from Record Keeper if you have it installed on your phone. When you load up the main hub you'll see "Keeper's Battle Quiz" at the top on a special banner. Just tap that to begin playing. Otherwise, you can scan a special QR code on your phone or tablet to play, which you can find right here.

This game is not for the more casual players, that's for sure. These questions are tough, and will quiz you on very specific points of fact. Sure, you may know the main character's name from Final Fantasy X, but do you know his father's name? Do you know the name of the song that plays in the background during a specific boss battle in Final Fantasy VI that takes place on a big bridge?

You're going to have to dig deep for these answers if you're going to survive. If you succeed then there are some massive rewards in store - that is, if you play Final Fantasy Record Keeper. If you don't, you totally should! It's a wonderful game for Final Fantasy fans.

Record Keeper basically acts as a "best of" for all of the greatest moments across all Final Fantasy games. You'll get to form a party with your favorite characters and venture through condensed versions of each game's story, and participate in fun live events. There's even a multiplayer component! Check it out on the Google Play store or iTunes store now.

By Matthew Hayes

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