Resident Evil 7 Originally Inflicted Even More Horrifying Injuries On Your Character

by Nathan Birch

(Photo: Capcom)

Warning: The following post contains Resident Evil 7 spoilers

Anybody who’s braved Resident Evil 7 remembers the moment all too well – you’ve found your wife Mia, but she’s been driven mad by some unknown force. You (seemingly) manage to kill her, but just when it looks like the coast is clear, she returns, still alive and crazier than ever, and proceeds to hack off your hand with a chainsaw. It’s an indelible moment, but it’s also just a tad unrealistic, as you then spend the next several minutes running around with your arm stump spurting blood without passing out or dying.

Well, apparently, the scene was originally going to be even more over the top. Resident Evil 7 director Koshi Nakanishi gave a talk at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, and according to him the initial plan was to have Mia saw you clean in half. You’d then have to drag yourself, with your entrails pulling behind you, to some sort of safe room. That actually sounds awesome, although I can see why they changed it – it’s hard to get too invested in a horror game when you’re playing as Deadpool.

Nakanishi also opened up about Resident Evil 7’s main movie inspiration, and no, it’s not Texas Chainsaw Massacre. According to the director, the RE team’s main inspiration was the Evil Dead franchise, particularly its intense, claustrophobic vibe, and confined indoor setting. Your hand getting lopped suddenly makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?

(Photo: Renaissance Pictures)

The Evil Dead influence went beyond just atmosphere and specific moments, as the team was inspired by director Sam Raimi to make the best of their relatively-limited resources. I’d say that philosophy worked out pretty darn well, and so would Nakanishi…

“I can say with confidence, we have achieved our vision.”

Resident Evil 7 is available right now, and highly recommended.

[via PC Gamer]