Puzzle & Dragons Evangelion Collaboration Is Live

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: GungHo)

Puzzle & Dragons is a mobile game phenomenon that you have to experience to understand. It's an addictive mix between match-3 puzzle game, dungeon-crawler, monster collector (for the Pokémon fans), and classic RPG. If that sounds like it has a lot going on, it absolutely does, and it pulls it off really well.

The eclectic nature of Puzzle & Dragons lends itself well to cross-overs. In fact, Puzzle & Dragons + Super Mario Bros. Edition quickly became a hot obsession on the Nintendo 3DS. Now, GungHo is bringing in anime fans with an Evangelion cross-over event. From the press release:

"GungHo Online Entertainment America announced today the return of the popular anime series, EVANGELION, to GungHo's wildly popular mobile game, Puzzle & Dragons, beginning March 6-12. The EVANGELION collab summons players to battle their way through Tokyo-3 as they aim to prevent a global cataclysm.

"As part of this collab, there is also an EVANGELION Collab dungeon that comes in difficulties ranging from Intermediate to Mythical, offering players a chance to test their skills, as well as capture the dungeon boss, The Tenth Angel. The dungeon also features six new Skill Up materials, including Penpen Plushie, Mark.06 Plushie, and more, for use in ranking up their characters. For a limited time, as part of the celebration, players Rank 50 or higher also receive an in-game message allowing them one free pull at the Rank 50 EVANGELION Collab Egg Machine, and the chance to get their hands on one of the featured collab characters."

The Evangelion collaboration is live now and won't last long, so check it out. You can find the Android version of Puzzle & Dragons here. If you have an iPhone, check it out right here

By Matthew Hayes

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