Destiny Will Revive All Its Old Raids In Its Upcoming Age Of Triumph Update

by Nathan Birch

(Photo: Activision)

After over two years of content and updates, Bungie will finally be bringing Destiny to a close this month, in preparation for its full sequel. Before Destiny is sent to the MMO retirement home, it will be getting one more expansion, Age of Triumph, and today Bungie detailed what players can expect from this final update.

During a Twitch livestream, Bungie revealed that they’ll be reviving all your favorite raids and bringing them up to the current maximum Light Level cap. So, classic raids like Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, and King’s Fall that are now a breeze for a fully-powered-up player, will be a decent challenge again. Bungie is also promising to make some changes to the classic raids. Destiny senior designer Joe Blackburn described the company's approach

“What’s a little thing that we think would make this a little enjoyable, or where did we misstep a little bit?”

Age of Triumph will also come with Destiny’s biggest record book to date, packed with new milestones and achievements to gun for. According to Bungie, the new record book is 13 pages long, and nobody, even the most elite players, will be more than half-way through at the start of Age of Triumph.

It sounds like Age of Triumph will deliver a nice “greatest hits” collection for long-time players before we move on to Destiny 2. Some may have wanted more original content, but this isn’t a terrible way to wrap this adventure up. 

Destiny: Age of Triumph launches March 28. Destiny 2 is expected this holiday season.

[via Polygon]