Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary Trailer Is A Magical Journey Through The Decades

by Nathan Birch

The title “Final Fantasy” originally had a much darker meaning. Back in 1987 Square was on its last legs financially. After Dragon Quest hit big in Japan in 1986, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi convinced his bosses to let him make an RPG, but few in the company had high hopes that the game would be a success.

Most assumed Final Fantasy would be Square’s final glorious gasp before going out of business. Sakaguchi also assumed it would be his final shot at being a video game writer and designer. It was this air of finality and gloom that led to the name Final Fantasy.

Cut to 2017, and the game nobody had any faith in has spawned 14 major sequels and countless spinoffs, which have sold over 130 million copies combined. Those sales are guaranteed to rise even further as the critically-acclaimed Final Fantasy XV continues to ride high in the charts, and more spinoffs are surely on the way. Square Enix has plenty to be grateful for on Final Fantasy’s 30th birthday.

As part of their celebration of Final Fantasy’s Anniversary, Square Enix have released a new trailer, which takes us on a trip through ever Final Fantasy to date. From old-school classics like Final Fantasy IV and VI, to masterpieces like Final Fantasy VII and IX, and finally spectacular modern titles like Final Fantasy XV. Unless you started gaming yesterday, this trailer will dredge up some deep memories, and maybe leave you with a bit of a lump in your throat.

Ah, but Square Enix’s celebration doesn’t end at a nostalgic trailer! 2017 will see the release of Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age, a remake of the PS2 classic, more Final Fantasy XV DLC, and hopefully a lot more info about the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Here’s hoping the “Final Fantasy” name never becomes literal.