Resident Evil Revelations Announced for PS4, Xbox One

by Matthew Hayes

Capcom just revealed that Resident Evil Revelations, previously only available on last-gen consoles, PC, and the Nintendo 3DS, will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

"Resident Evil Revelations is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One physical and digital (NA and EU) Fall 2017! More information coming soon."

The fact that the game is being made available physically as well as digitally makes me think that Capcom will be giving this a very fine makeover for the current-gen consoles. I'm not sure that we can look forward to Resident Evil Remake level overhauls here, but if Capcom is proud enough of their vision to announce the game physically, then I think it's safe to assume that it'll be worth the cost of doing so.

For those of you who never got around to playing Revelations, it basically fills in the gap between Reisdent Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, both of which were big hits with fans (although RE 5 was hit-or-miss with critics). As for Revelations, it did very well on the Nintendo 3DS before getting an HD update for PC and consoles. The console version wasn't quite the hit that the 3DS version was, which may surprise some of you, but on the 3DS Revelations was praised for really pushing the boundaries of the system's hardware.

Apart from looking great, Revelations was a fan favorite because it made a return to the series' survival horror roots, placing special emphasis on survival specifically. The gameplay in Revelations isn't nearly as fast-paced as it is in 5. Movement speed is slower, inventory space is extremely limited, and combat is often more about escaping than it is defeating enemies. The scares here are based more on ambience and the fight to survive.

What we're really hoping is for the preservation of raid mode, and possibly even a beefy update. "Raid Mode, which was first introduced to the series in the original version of Resident Evil Revelations, sees gamers play online in co-op mode or alone in single player taking on the hordes of enemies across a variety of missions whilst leveling up characters and earning weapon upgrades. New weapons, skill sets, and playable characters including Hunk, take the Raid Mode experience to new depths."

As soon as Capcom returns with more information about Revelations' revival, we'll let you guys know what to expect. Stay tuned.

By Matthew Hayes

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