Hearthstone Journey To Un’Goro Expansion Gets New Video Series From Blizzard

by Robert Workman

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The forthcoming Journey To Un’Goro expansion for the hit game Hearthstone is a pretty big deal to fans, and Blizzard knows it – so it’s celebrating its upcoming debut with a new short-form, live-action video series, with its first episode available today.

Instead of taking the super serious route at looking through the game’s area, Blizzard has taken more of a lighthearted approach, with Professor George Herbert Doyle IV – played here by Community and Powerless actor Danny Pudi – exploring his way through the mysterious world. In the first episode, he takes players through the heart of the Un’Goro crater, a prehistoric region of Azeroth that’s been preserved in time.

Though some players may prefer a more personable look at the world of Un’Goro – which they can no doubt get through the debut trailer for the game – this does provide a somewhat humorous take on what the world of Un’goro is like. And, let’s be honest, it’s not everyday you get to see a professor poked with dangerous darts.

The expansion, which is set to arrive for April, will allow players to encounter ancient elemenals, frightening fiora, and some of the fiercest predators to ever inhabit Azeroth – all while checking out 135 new Hearthstone cards to add to their collections.

More episodes from the Journey To Un’Goro series are set to debut over the next few weeks, leading up to the expansion’s arrival next month, so players can look forward to more mirth with Pudi’s character during that time. More than likely, he’s bound to run into more lethal situations – after all, that’s what Hearthstone is all about, right? You’d think a professor would’ve studied more and figured this out already. Alas, not really the case here.

Hearthstone is available now for mobile devices and PC. Be sure to check it out if you need something worthwhile and addictive.

By Robert Workman

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