Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Download Size Has Been Revealed

by Robert Workman


We’re just a few days away from experiencing the latest chapter in BioWare’s ongoing space saga Mass Effect: Andromeda – although a few fans have been wondering just how big a download size the game has. Well, good news, as we’ve just found out.

A few eagle-eyed readers have managed to point out that their pre-load versions of the game began downloading already, and it’s a pretty sizable download. According to them, the game takes up 42.9GB of space on the PlayStation 4, and 42.2GB on the Xbox One. So, yeah, it takes up a good chunk of space – and that may not be including any day one patches for the game.

The PC version is likely to be the biggest of all, as BioWare’s previous reveal of PC specs for the game indicate that it’ll take up approximately 55GB of hard drive space on the hard drive. Of course, it’ll be running a lot smoother on certain systems, so that kind of makes sense. 

So go ahead and save that space on your hard drive now, because this one’s a “big boy” when it comes to data.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases next week for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.

By Robert Workman

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