Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Is The Most Successful Movie In the Series

by Nathan Birch

(Photo: Sony Pictures)

Warning: The following post contains minor Resident Evil: The Final Chapter spoilers. 

Apparently, the Resident Evil movies saved their best shot for last. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter had a passable, but ultimately unremarkable run here in North America, making approximately $26.7 million at the domestic box, but as we reported, the movie is a smash hit in China. The movie made a crazy $94.3 million in its opening weekend in China, and the latest Milla Jovovich zombie flick didn’t stop there.

After three weekends, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’s Chinese take has risen to an impressive $151 million, which pushes its worldwide revenue to over $306 million. The Final Chapter has now surpassed the $300 million made by Resident Evil: Afterlife to become the most popular Resident Evil movie to date, and you can expect the movie’s numbers will continue to climb.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter currently sits at fourth on the list of most popular video game movies, trailing Prince of Persia ($336 million), The Angry Birds Movie ($349 million), and Warcraft ($433 million). It’s unlikely The Final Chapter will catch Warcraft, but you have to believe Prince of Persia and Angry Birds’ place on the list may be in jeopardy.

Given these numbers, will Resident Evil: The Final Chapter really be the end of Paul W. S. Anderson’s scrappy series? Folks who watched the movie know the end of the ending wasn’t as gloomy as you might expect – the door was definitely left open for Milla Jovovich’s Alice to return, should money for a sequel materialize.

Even if Anderson and Jovovich are done with the series, you can bet your bottom yuan that some sort of new live-action Resident Evil movie is already in the works. Hey Sony, if you need some help, I have some pretty good casting ideas for Resident Evil 7’s Baker clan.

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