Blizzard Pursuing Bossland In Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

by Robert Workman


Quick rule of thumb – you probably shouldn’t create devices that help players cheat in games like Overwatch.

Earlier in the month, Blizzard Entertainment cleaned house in a lawsuit against a hacking/botting service, taking $10 million dollars as a result. Now, this time, it’s going after another company, seeking $8.5 million in copyright damages from a company called Bossland, which specializes in putting together cheat hacks for many games.

Bossland has noted that they sold over 118,000 products in the United States over the past few years, and Blizzard estimates that 36 percent of them were made for their games. That’s more than 42,000 infringements, thus the $8 million in damages that the company estimates.

“In this case, Blizzard is only seeking the minimum statutory damages of $200 per infringement, for a total of $8,563,600.00. While Blizzard would surely be entitled to seek a larger amount, Blizzard seeks only minimum statutory damages. Blizzard does not seek such damages as a ‘punitive’ measure against Bossland or to obtain an unjustified windfall,” the company noted.

Bossland, however, has yet to respond to the lawsuit. It didn’t respond when it was first filed, and also failed to respond to a 24-hour ultimatum issued by the court. This doesn’t fare too well for the company, meaning that Blizzard could be looking at another easy victory.

We’ll keep you up to speed on how the case fares.

By Robert Workman

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