PDP Recalls Xbox One Controller Charger

by Robert Workman


Just a heads up – if you’ve purchased PDP’s Energizer 2X Smart Chargers for the Xbox One, you may want to consider stopping. Like now.

The company has noted that the charger set is being recalled due to the fact it can “overheat and damage the Xbox One video game controller, posing a burn hazard to consumers.”

Although no one has been harmed by the peripherals yet, the company has noted that it has received "24 reports of the chargers overheating and deforming the charger's plastic cover, including six reports of chargers emitting a burning odor."

The recall covers about 121,000 units distributed in the U.S. since its release last year, alongside 10,000 extra units in Canada and Mexico.


PDP noted that the controller pack should stop being used immediately, and instead of sending it back, consumers can apply for a refund here.

In the meantime, be careful, gamers.

By Robert Workman

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