Into the Badlands Blade Battle Game Now Available On Mobile

by Robert Workman


With the second season of Into the Badlands set to premiere on AMC this Sunday, fans can’t wait to get back into the sword-slinging action the series has to provide. And now they don’t have to, as a new mobile game has launched that will throw them right into the action.

Reliance Games, partnering with AMC, announced the release of Into the Badlands Blade Battle for iOS and Android devices.

The game “brings together fans across mobile devices to battle for reputation, power and bragging rights as the action on their mobile screen mirrors the latest action on the show,” the companies noted in a press statement. “Weekly events in the game will highlight key scenes and battles from season two, while fans are encouraged to battle and recruit new characters from the series.”

The game also features “never-before-seen, isometric tactical combat and fan-favorite characters from the hit AMC series, including Sunny, The Widow, M.K., Waldo and more. Characters belong to different classes of fighting weapon styles, whose special abilities can further be upgraded – resulting in a customized team of scouts, defensive juggernauts and highly specialized combatants. Players can live in a world of Barons and assassins (or Clippers), experience the life of a Badlands warrior, defeat mighty bosses, forge powerful alliances, build squads and fight rivals in iconic locations from the series, including Quinn’s Fort and The Widow’s Lodge.” So fans should feel right at home with it.

“Together with AMC, we have built a mobile experience that captures the intensity and personality of the Into the Badlands world,” said Amit Khanduja, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Entertainment-Digital. “Into The Badlands Blade Battle is packed with limitless hours of gameplay to entertain both fans of the series and mobile gamers. We have always strived to bring a diverse range of entertainment and big brands to mobile gamers as long-lasting experiences, and we are excited to introduce another flagship with Into the Badlands Blade Battle.”

“We wanted a game that captured the fast pace and dynamic artistry of the martial arts in Into the Badlands – beautiful action, for people who want a great fighting game on mobile. It’s easy to pick up and hard to put down,” said Mac McKean, EVP of Innovation and Product Development for AMC and SundanceTV.

Be sure to check out the game now and prep for the show’s return in just a few days!

By Robert Workman

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