Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets Its Own Devoted Multiplayer Companion App

by Robert Workman


A lot more games lately are relying on secondary mobile apps to really bring gamers into the experiences they have to offer, whether it’s with multiplayer options, a secondary story that provides more background on the general franchise, or even a mobile mini-game that’s strewn straight from that game’s universe.

Now you can add Mass Effect to that line-up, as BioWare has announced that it is launching a new multiplayer companion app to go alongside its Andromeda release when it comes out next week. 

Titled Apex HQ, the app is capable of tracking a player’s progress in the game’s multiplayer mode, as well as keeping track of any unlocks they achieve, as well as characters and more. Better still, players can customize their app experience, in case they want statistics laid out a certain way, for a matter of convenience.

The Apex HQ app also enables the ability to choose a loadout that’s ready to go the next time the player hops into multiplayer, so they don’t have to go to a separate screen in-game in order to do so. A store will also be available with various cosmetic packs to be purchased, though pricing and availability haven’t been broken down just yet. (We’re likely to know more next week once both the app and the full game launch.)

Keep something in mind, though. If you want to keep track of your stats in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll have to log in to Apex HQ first, using the same EA account that’s tied in with your Andromeda retail game. Otherwise, the connectivity won’t work.

Apex HQ is set to be launched for both iOS and Android next week, on March 20th – one day before Andromeda arrives for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin PC. More details on the app, including its various features and abilities, can be found on its official page.

While it may not be as feature-laden as, say, Call of Duty Elite was all those years ago, it’s sure to be a hit with Mass Effect players as they dive into Andromeda next week. Plus, it’s free, so you don’t have to worry about making a secondary purchase on top of the game you just acquired.

By Robert Workman

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