Someone Made Brass Knuckles For The Nintendo Switch JoyCon

by Robert Workman

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Ever have one of those fanboys that came up to you and said, “The Nintendo Switch sucks! The thing doesn’t have any power at all!” Well, now, apparently, you can strap on some brass knuckles into a JoyPad and show them just what kind of power it’s made of. (Not that we encourage violence or anything – really, just hit a wall or something.)

Shapeways is offering these knuckles, designed by Paulo Pereira, that can actually snap into the Nintendo Switch JoyCon unit, creating a rather unique weapon in the process. The team has noted that the item is fully reversible, so that you can place it on either the left or the right JoyCon, whatever you prefer.

Shapeways also made note that the item requires a part from the JoyCon wrist strap in order to fully attach onto the controller, and explained that a video would be coming soon to detail this.

The brass knuckles are currently selling for $24.99, but keep in mind that the sale is only for the knuckles themselves – the JoyCon controller is sold separately. Also, attaching a third-party item that isn’t entirely approved by Nintendo is definitely something in the “do at your own risk” category, as you could very well damage your JoyCon trying to fit on something that wasn’t originally made for it.

Still, it’s an interesting concept, and one that makes for a strange use of the JoyCon that we weren’t really expecting. The rendering for the knuckles themselves look rather interesting, and it does appear that the piece slides right on and off, though, again, it’s something we should note that you should use at your own risk.

You can learn more about the JoyCon brass knuckles here, though they’re described as “3D printed in White Strong & Flexible: White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.” So they’re not colored like real knuckles, but instead clearly designed – which is an odd fit with either the grey or the red/blue JoyCon controllers that Nintendo has released.

So if you ever wanted to land a knockout with a game controller, welp, here you go.

The Nintendo Switch JoyCon controllers are available now.

By Robert Workman

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