Super Bomberman R Update Promises to Fix Online Input Lag

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: Konami)

Super Bomberman R is about to get a big update, and hopefully some of the game's most pressing issues are going to be ironed out. Konami is promising that all of our headaches and complaints have been heard, and have been addressed. While we won't know until the update goes live, it's really encouraging to see Konami reaching out and letting us know that post-launch updates are in the works. We just read the following update on its official website:

"Dear Bomberman Fans, 

We are happy to announce a significant upgrade for Super Bomberman R available on Nintendo Switch. These improvements should greatly refine the game-play, control input and character controls, for both online and offline play.

This is the first of many upcoming updates that will focus on improving the Super Bomberman R play experience. We appreciate your patience and your continued support.. 
Stay tuned for more information!

The Super Bomberman R team."

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, you can check out our review of Super Bomberman R right here. The game is fantastic when you're playing friends or with anyone who happens to be in teh same room. When you're sitting right next to someone throwing down in battle mode, there is some classic Bomberman magic here that is absolutely worth experiencing.

However, once you take the game online, things get really ugly. There is an insifferable amount of latency and input lag that plagues the multiplayer experience when playing online, making precise movement and bomb placement almost impossible. This is the norm, not the exception, so we're really glad to see that Konami is doing something about it.

Last week Konami acknowledged the issue specifically, and promised that updates would be coming imminently:

"We are aware that some players are experiencing control lag issues and are currently working to improve the situation. Our first priority is to adjust control response times which will improve both the online experience and control lag during offline battles. Future updates are also planned as we work hard to continuously improve the experience for players, both online and offline. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

We'll be playing the game as soon as the update goes live and reporting back with our experiences. Stay tuned.

By Matthew Hayes

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