Dragon Quest Heroes II’s Latest Trailer Focuses On New Heroes

by Robert Workman

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Dragon Quest Heroes II isn’t too far off from release, and soon, we’ll be able to get our hands on the various heroes that are included in the adventure.

Today, Square Enix released a new trailer that takes a closer look at two particular heroes that are included in the game – the kick-ass Cesar and the leather clad warrior Desdemona.

The trailer begins with the traditional heroes finishing off a typical wave of enemies, only for a much larger creature to drop in, ready to club them. Desdemonia, with her hammer/axe weapon, steps in to save them, an envoy that’s ready to kick ass and take names with her various strikes. The trailer then shows a brief glimpse of what she’s capable of, between typical attacks and her super attack, which can rip into the ground.

The other hero introduced in the game, Cesar, is a “princely powerhouse” who first makes his appearance on horseback, assuming to his teammates that they’ll have to barge their way into the castle. Carrying a rather large sword, Cesar is capable of delivering an array of deadly attacks with his blade, and then charge into the air with a super attack that literally slices the planet surface in half as he steps up.

You can check out the trailer for these two heroes below!

Dragon Quest Heroes II is set for release on April 25th for PlayStation 4 and PC. A combination pack of this game and the original Dragon Quest Heroes is also being planned for Nintendo Switch later this year.

By Robert Workman

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