Metroid’s Samus Aran Modded Into Street Fighter V is A Perfect Match

by Nathan Birch

Poor Samus. It’s been nearly seven years since Nintendo gave fans a proper Metroid game (no, Metroid Prime: Federation Force doesn’t count) and it seems series star Samus Aran is working out her frustrations by appearing in fighting games. Samus was, of course, a fighter in the most recent Super Smash Bros., and now she’s throwing down in Street Fighter V. Well, sort of.

Samus’ crossover into the world of Street Fighter isn’t an official thing, but rather the work of talented and prolific Street Fighter V modder Khaledantar666, and he’s done a hell of a job. Samus is a palate swap for Cammy, whose personality is a good match for Samus, and Khaledantar absolutely nails her features and costume. Honestly, this fan-made mod may be better than Samus’ official Smash Bros. look. Also, the Street Fighter series’ love of, um, sturdy women means we get to see what Samus might look like if she was on the Olympic diving team. Given all that heavy armor Samus has to lug around, this body type is probably more realistic than the model look Nintendo gave her in Metroid: Other M.

All that aside, it’s just good to see our heroine out there kicking ass again, even if it’s in unofficial form. Keeping a badass like Samus Aran on the shelf is a crime, Nintendo. A crime. You can check out Samus in action, against another Samus no less, in the video at the top of this post.

If you’d like to Screw Attack M. Bison in the guts, you’ll need to have the PC version of Street Fighter V and toss a buck towards Khaledantar’s Patreon. He has promised he’ll release street fightin’ Samus to the general public eventually, but come on, you want this skin now.

[via Eurogamer]