MLB The Show 17 Has Some Next-Level Terrifying Glitches

by Nathan Birch

(Photo: Sony/MLB)

It seems sports games break new ground almost every year when it comes to ultra-detailed graphics and player models, but those complex visuals come with an unfortunate side effect – more terrifying glitches.

MLB The Show 17 developer Sony San Diego has been showing off various aspects of their latest game in a series of Twitch steams, and in the most recent one they decided to show off a couple of the craziest glitches that cropped up during development. I know, I know, we’ve all seen glitches before, but these aren’t the usual warped, skinless faces we’ve seen before. Oh no, these are otherworldly Lovecraftian horrors that will send you shrieking for the damn hills. Think I’m overstating things? Check out this lunacy…

I warned you! On the left we have some sort of monstrous hair beast with a disgusting orifice where his face ought to be. Meanwhile, the one on the right appears to be made of, I dunno, stacked cigarettes? A pile of dead bees? Whatever it is, it’s deeply unwholesome looking. According to the Sony San Diego guys, these pictures are just the tip of the hairy iceberg.

“We've had several bugs throughout the year that create these effects. That was a freaky one on the left. The hair can get stretched across the entire field, it can become giant, all sorts of crazy things.”

Well, give these guys credit for transparency. Most developers would probably prefer to hide these kinds of creations from the light of day. Oh, and did I mention we have video of the Cigarette Man glitch moving? Brace yourselves, folks.

Welp, I’m going to go vomit now.

MLB The Show 17 arrives on PS4 on March 28, hopefully with these glitches banished back to whatever dank pit they crawled out of.

[via Sports Illustrated]