MLB The Show 17’s Latest Trailer Focuses On The Road To The Show

by Robert Workman


We’re just over a week away from the arrival of the latest baseball sim from Sony Interactive Entertainment, MLB The Show 17, and this year’s edition looks mighty packed. Along with the usual cavalcade of modes we’ve come to expect from the series, there’s also a new retro mode that takes things decidedly take back to the old-school – and with former SNES game star Ken Griffey Jr., to boot!

Sony continued to keep the ball rolling today with the debut of a new trailer for MLB The Show 17, this time focusing on one of the game’s signature mode – Road To The Show. In this mode, you build your player up from scratch and essentially shape them into a Major League Baseball superstar. However, you’re likely to learn that the road doesn’t come easy, and some speed bumps are sure to get in your way as you cruise to success.

The game’s description reads: “Customize your player, make tough choices, and chase the big leagues in one of The Show’s most prolific modes. The team has taken their first steps towards a bold new direction for Road To the Show, the third-person baseball RPG, guiding a baseball player on a personal journey through the professional baseball world, going from a newbie in the minors to becoming a legend in the majors.”

You can catch the trailer below, as well as some highlights in our description below.

The game presents a role-playing style experience with your young prospect, as you create your position and player from scratch. Want to master the first base? Or maybe take to the outfield? You can do all that.

There are also training points that you can earn over the course of your career that can help your player strengthen up in certain areas. You can also direct your attitude, depending on storytelling choices that you make over the course of the game. You can be a real a-hole, or go all out and be genuine. Your public fans and team are affected by your choices, so make them carefully.

MLB The Show 17 arrives on March 28th for PlayStation 4.

By Robert Workman

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