Super Mario Run Makes The Jump To Android Devices Next Week

by Nathan Birch

(Photo: Nintendo)

Late last year Nintendo’s mustachioed mascot finally made his mobile debut on iOS devices in Super Mario Run. Right from the beginning Nintendo admitted the one-handed touchscreen platformer would also be coming to Android, but they’ve remained quiet about the specifics of a non-Apple release.

Well, that changes now, as Nintendo has officially announced Super Mario Run is coming to the Google Play Store next week. Nintendo will also be releasing a new update for both the iOS and Android versions of the game, which will add new characters and the ability to play one more stage in free mode if you complete one of Bowser’s tricky challenges.

Since its December iOS release, Super Mario Run has been downloaded over 78 million times and generated a quite the stash of coins (at least $50 million to date), but Nintendo’s own president Tatsumi Kimishima has admitted the company has been somewhat disappointed with the game’s reception. The company’s main bone of contention is that less than 5 percent of players have ponied up the $10 for the full version of the game, while Nintendo was hoping for at least a double-digit buy-in rate.

Will Super Mario Run’s jump to Android change the game’s fortunes? Nintendo will be tapping into the far larger Android userbase, but will those players be willing to pay for Mario’s latest adventure? Android users tend to be more budget-conscious than iOS users, so that Super Mario Run pay rate may drop even further. The reality is, Nintendo may need to consider changing their model or lowering the price of Super Mario Run if they want more people to buy.

Super Mario Run dashes onto Android devices on March 23.

[via Polygon]