Diablo III Will Soon Add Swappable Character Builds, “Perfect” Gear, And Much More

by Nathan Birch

Diablo III may be nearly six years old at this point, but Blizzard’s resilient hack ‘n’ slash RPG is still going strong, with a new major update set to go live soon. Patch 2.5.0 looks to add the following things to the game

The Armory

The Armory will let you save up to five builds for each character which you can switch on the fly. So, you no longer have to spend forever tinkering in menus whenever you want to change up your abilities. A very much-appreciated addition.

Crafting Materials UI

You no longer have to dig through your full stash to find your crafting materials, as they’ll be stored in a handy-dandy separate menu now. Once your install Patch 2.5.0, all your crafting materials will be automatically sorted into the new menu.

Adventure Mode Updates

The kind of tiles that will pop up has been tweaked, with enclosed areas like caves becoming less frequent, and wide-open spaces becoming more common.

Primal Ancients

New, super powerful items with perfectly rolled affixes. These will only become available once you complete a level 70 Greater Rift, and will reset every new season. Basically, a few more pieces of super-duper powerful loot for high-level players aiming for “that perfect set of gear.”

The new patch will hit alongside Diablo III Season 10, which launches on March 31. For those who haven’t played Diablo III in a while, or at all, seasons add loot, items, and the ability to compete in fresh leaderboards to the game. The catch is, you have to start a new character specifically for that season. Basically, seasons give people are little extra incentive to replay the game with new characters, which is what Diablo is all about. Diablo III Season 10 will be the first time the feature appears on Xbox One and PS4. You can learn more about what Season 10 has to offer, right here.

On top of everything listed above, Diablo III will also launch a new hero, the Necromancer, sometime soon. If you’ve been feeling the itch for some Diablo fun, now might be the time to go back to hell.