Goat Simulator: Waste Of Space Is Bringing Sci-Fi Silliness To The PS4

by Nathan Birch

Tomorrow marks the long-awaited release of BioWare’s latest sci-fi epic Mass Effect: Andromeda, but perhaps you’re looking for a different kind of space adventure? Something with five-bladed rainbow lightsabers, robot cats, and an indestructible goat in an alluringly snug space suit?

Last year the wonderfully ridiculous Goat Simulator released its Waste of Space DLC, which pokes fun at all things sci-fi. Here’s how developer Coffee Stain Studios describes their latest dose of barnyard mayhem:

“With Goat Simulator: Waste of Space, you get to visit space TODAY instead of waiting for that other space game that you pre-ordered. Crowdfund a space colony and get other people to pay for it and do all the work, and learn how to be a real bridge commander like that Spock dude from mars or whatever. Also, you get to romance your crew members, because you can't be captain if you're not a space-sleaze.”

As you can see from the trailer above, Waste of Space mercilessly roasts everything from Star Wars, to Star Trek, to Mass Effect’s always-awkward sex scenes. The DLC also seems to reserve plenty of snark for Kickstarter, and the whole crowdfunding thing in general. Goat Simulator turned into cultural satire so gradually I barely even noticed. I remember when it was just about smashing up helpless NPCs’ barbeques.

Are you sold? Good, because Goat Simulator: Waste of Space has finally been announced for PS4. Nice timing! Everybody who’s tired of Andromeda’s glitches, have fun with some intentional glitches instead.

Goat Simulator: Waste of Space arrives on PS4 next week. There’s no word yet on an Xbox One release, but that’s probably coming soon as well.