Nintendo Releases Two New ARMS Preview Videos, Characters and Weapons Detailed

by Matthew Hayes

Nintendo has just translated a few ARMS preview videos to English, which give us our first in-depth look at the starting cast of fighters, as well as our first look at a few of the core weapons (arms) that you'll be using when ARMS launches this spring. This is one of the most imaginative and novel fighting games I've ever played, and it feels fantastic. Check here and here for my hands-on previews from the Nintendo Switch preview event in December.

In the character introduction video, our first preview is of ARMS' two mascots: Spring Man and Ribbon Girl. Spring Man is the all-around balanced fighter, with a good range of mobility, speed, and power. Once he reaches low health, whatever arms he has equipped will stay charged. Ribbon Girl is much lighter and much faster. She's able to double-jump, and can return to the ground really quickly. Her extreme mobility will keep opponents on their toes.

Next we see the mysterious Ninjaga. Ninjaga's mid-air dodge allows him to disappear in a cloud of smoke and reappear nearby. While guarding, Ninjaga is also able to quick-warp to the left or right for another quick dodge. We see Master Mummy, who is basically the opposite of Ribbon Girl. Slow moving and powerful, this is a tanky character who can absorb blows as he moves, and slowly heal himself when his guard is up.

Mechanica was my favorite to play with at the event. She has a variety of mobility-enhancing perks. Her boosters allow her to hover in mid-air, and boost around the ring following a dodge. Similar to Master Mummy, Mechanica's suit allows her to absorb weaker blows without getting stunned, so you can grab enemies on the ground who are busy trying to throw all of their quick attacks your way.

This is the core cast for ARMS, and all of the characters we had available to us during the preview event. Nintendo has made it clear that additional characters will be present in the game when it launches in the spring, but we'll have to wait to see them.

Nintendo also released a weapons showcase video, which will give you an idea of how deep this game can go once you start mixing and matching characters and arm types. While ARMS is easy to pick up and start playing, things get wonderfully deep and complex once you start experimenting with your offense. If you're a fighting game fan, keep you eye on this one.

By Matthew Hayes

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