Overwatch-Related Insult Creates Small Stir At School

by Robert Workman

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The insults come out like crazy during matches in Overwatch, like people calling out Bastion for being too powerful (“Oh, of course, you’ll win the match, with that many damn Bastions”) or just hammering an opposing team (“Is there competition here somewhere?”), but once place we never though we’d see an Overwatch insult come up is at school.

A young girl who had her pencil stolen from her by a fellow student actually told her that they were a “Hanzo main,” insinuating that they chose Hanzo as their main character in the game. Apparently, the teacher misunderstood this (or didn’t get the reference) and wrote up the little girl for it.

Hanzo regularly gets a bad rap in the game mainly because players usually choose him if they prefer to go “lone wolf” in a match, since he’s so powerful – he’s not exactly known as the most cooperative character. So, believe it or not, “Hanzo main” has become a critique for certain players that use him too much. 

The little girl referred to the student as this mainly because, well, she was selfish. But don’t worry, she didn’t get grounded or anything like that. In fact, her parents took the complaint, seen below from Twitter, in stride.

The teacher wrote, “Another student took her pencil and she referred to him as a ‘Hanzo Main’. I have no idea what that means, however it was clearly meant as an insult.” But the parents just laughed it off anyway.

And they weren’t the only ones, as the official Overwatch Twitter account got in on the action. “While we don’t support name calling (and do support Hanzo mains!), we love where your daughter’s head was at,” the account noted.

Now, we’re fine with someone calling us “Hanzo main”. But you call Mei worthless or anything like that, THERE’S GONNA BE A FIGHT AFTER SCHOOL!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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