Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Gets A Home Release Date

by Robert Workman

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has just about finished its theatrical run, and you know what that means – we’re not far off until it gets its home release.

Sony has announced that it will release the film for DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD on May 16th, and a digital release just a couple of weeks earlier on May 2nd.

The movie will come with a number of extras, including some featurettes, including Explore the Hive and The Badass Trinity & The Women of Resident Evil. There will also be another featurette that takes a closer look at the stunts and weaponry that was used in the film.

Sony has also promised that the home release will also come with a sneak peek at the forthcoming CG-animated film Resident Evil: Vendetta. We reported earlier today that the latest chapter in the animated series would get a limited U.S. and Canadian release on June 19th.

The Final Chapter will also come with a Retaliation Mode, in which viewers can turn on and off to hear commentary from director Paul W.S. Anderson, as well as the star of the film, Milla Jovovich.

Even though the film didn’t quite do gangbusters with the U.S. box office, it earned more than its fair share of money overseas, as it managed to make more than $300 million worldwide off of a budget of $40 million – not too shabby. It also helped push the overall box office for the series to over $1 billion, an unprecedented mark for a video game-to-film franchise.

As for what’s next – besides Vendetta – that’s up in the air. Both Anderson and Jovovich have insisted that this is the last go-around in the Resident Evil franchise for them, although Sony could easily bring it back with a new director and star. For the time being, though, all focus is going into Final Chapter’s home release and Vendetta’s forthcoming release. And let’s not forget you have plenty of games to tide you over, like the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which is still doing quite well for Capcom.

So if Resident Evil is your thing, feel free to put in your pre-orders now!

By Robert Workman

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