Shadow Warrior 2 Could Make It To Consoles This Spring

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With the PC version of Devolver Digital’s Shadow Warrior 2 running rampant, fans can’t get enough of carving into enemies big and small with a variety of weapons. But console fans have been wondering just when they would get a turn. Hopefully, according to the developers at Flying Wild Hog, not that long.

The team has noted that the game will make its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring, provided that “all things go well with certification.” Flying Wild Hog made note of this via Twitter, explaining that, once the game is approved, it will also contain a nice little bonus – all of the downloadable content already included in the package, so that players won’t have to wait for it to become available.

The game, which has been out on PC for several months (and selling quite well on that format), was supposed to release a little while back for consoles, but has seen a number of delays. It appears that the game is now nearing the finish line, although Flying Wild Hog has made it clear that the game “most likely” won’t support HDR, mainly due to “time constraints.” This could be fixed in a patch down the road, but right now, the focus is being made on getting the game done, and not “specific enhancements” for hardware like the PlayStation 4 Pro. Of course, we’re fine with that, provided that the chaos is just as good as the PC version, which we reviewed back in November.

The game’s spring release would be good timing for not only the developer, but also Devolver Digital’s 2017 line-up, which includes a number of other games like the awesome open-world fighting game Absolver and the independent soon-to-be-hits Eitr and Strafe, as well as Crossing Souls, which was recently introduced this year at PAX. Some folks were concerned by the lack of presence for Shadow Warrior 2 at the event, though it had been showcased previously at other events, like QuakeCon.

Relax, players, you’ll get your chance to hack and slash with Wang yet. It’s just a matter of weeks now…

Shadow Warrior 2 is available now for PC.

Robert Workman

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