THQ Nordic Sale Offers Up to 80% on DarkSiders, Red Faction, More

by Matthew Hayes

(Photo: THQ Nordic)

We've got another sale for you guys, and this time we're looking at THQ Nordic titles on the chopping block, getting huge price slashes. Some games, popular games, are marked down by as much as 80%. We have series like Darksiders and Red Faction headlining the sale, but you'll likely be surprised by the enormous variety of games that fall under THQ Nordic's umbrella.

The sale is currently live on the Humble Store, and we've collected a few of the more notable games featured along with their sale prices:

  • DarkSiders Franchise - $9.99
  • Red Faction Collection - $11.99
  • This is the Police - $9.89
  • Red Faction Guerrilla - $4.99
  • DarkSiders II: Deathinitive Edition - $7.49
  • DarkSiders: Warmastered Edition - $4.99
  • Red Faction Armageddon - $4.99
  • The Legend of Kay Anniversary - $4.99

Now while all of these games are for PC gamers, there's a second part of this story that should be interesting to all of you PlayStation players. A few days ago, multiple users reported getting premature emails from Humble Bundle about a THQ Nordic PlayStation bundle coming in the near future. Apparently, these emails were followed up with another email stating that the announcement was premature. According to this reddit thread, the follow-up email stated the following:

"Whoops! We accidentally emailed about our upcoming bundle too early! Please check back later for its debut. Sorry for ruining the surprise."

That happened long before this THQ Nordic sale went live on the Humble Store, so we're taking this as a pretty conclusive indication that the THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle is a real thing that's really happening. When that bundle or sale could go live we're not sure, but we wouldn't be surprised if it spanned both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. That will be something to keep an eye out for, and if we see it go live, we'll let you know right away.

In the meantime, check out the Humble Store for some great deals, and check back next weekend to see the new Humble Monthly deal. This month users are able to score The Witness and a handful of other, secret games for only $12.

By Matthew Hayes

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