Dreamcast Game’s Lost DLC Is Finally Unlocked After A 16-Year Wait

by Nathan Birch

Waiting for a game to drip-feed new content and expansions can be a frustrating experience, but at least most publishers don’t wait 16 years to release their DLC. Well, one game maker did just that, although they have a pretty good excuse for their tardiness.

Sega’s Dreamcast may not have been a huge success, but it broke its share of new ground. It was the first console to make online gaming a standard thing, which also meant the Dreamcast was also the first console to feature games with downloadable content. Floigan Bros. from then-obscure developer Visual Concepts (they now do the NBA 2K and WWE 2K series) was one of the titles to tinker with this new-fangled DLC concept.

The plan was to support Floigan Bros. for a full year with 12 FMTs (Fun Moigle Things), each of which would add a new mini game, outfit and some other goofy goody. Unfortunately, Floigan Bros. launched in mid 2001, months after Sega had already announced they were mothballing the system. Whoops! This obviously scuttled plans for a luxurious year of extra content, with only the first FMT getting an official release.  

Well, thanks to the game’s original developers at Visual Concepts, all the DLC has finally been freed. Turns out (Gasp!) all the content was already on the disc, just waiting for a file to unlock it, so if you still have a Dreamcast and a Visual Memory Unit kicking around, you can download the file from Dreamcast Live. That link also contains specifics about what, specifically, the DLC includes.

Do many people still care about this obscure game from the Dreamcast’s dying days? No, I suspect not, but it is nice to see the guys at Visual Concepts haven't forgotten their past, and are still looking out for the (very) few fans who still fondly remember Floigan Bros. If only more developers operated that way.

[via Polygon]