New Bulletstorm Commercial Pits Moby Dick Against Duke Nukem...And Guess Who Wins

by Robert Workman

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Gearbox Software is going all out for its promotion of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, which drops next month – and it’s not making it a secret that adding Duke Nukem to anything will pretty much make it better.

The commercial revolves around what appears to be a theater production of Moby Dick, with a team of sailors chasing after the evasive whale – kind of what the classic book lets on. The crew talks amongst themselves as the captain lurches forward, despite a warning that hunting the whale “will be the death of us all.”

And then, out of nowhere, Duke Nukem appears (well, an actor portraying him), with bazooka in hand. He takes aim and easily blows the whale out of the water, and then turns back to the sailors to provide a fresh little taunt.

An announcer then kicks in, explaining that adding Duke Nukem to anything will make it “hashtag turnt,” as he then proves with a brief look at gameplay from the forthcoming Bulletstorm, complete with Duke taking front and center stage as a pre-order bonus for the game. In addition, a percentage of the game’s final cost will be taken off with pre-order as well, so you get it for pre-order.

You can check out the commercial below, and, sure, it’s a little bizarre (what’s next, Duke Nukem hitting on the Little Women?), but it’s also pretty hilarious, and a neat way to get Duke reintroduced to the gaming scene after Duke Nukem Forever’s release from years ago. And, hey, it’s a great way to liven up a stage production, if we can be honest.

We’ve covered Bulletstorm quite extensively over the past few weeks, including a lengthy first look at what to expect from the forthcoming game (complete with Duke Nukem impressions), as well as a possible indication for a sequel, as well as an interview with the voice actor behind Nukem, Jon St. John. So, yeah, needless to say, we’re excited for this one.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition arrives on April 5th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. And, no, it doesn’t have giant whales. (Though there is Waggleton P. Tallylicker!)

By Robert Workman

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