Prey’s Latest Trailer Takes A Closer Look At Player Choices

by Robert Workman

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Bethesda has debuted a new trailer for its forthcoming sci-fi adventure Prey, and this time around, it highlights the crucial choices that you’ll have to make over the course of the game as Morgan Yu – choices that can come in handy later on in the game.

In the trailer, which can be seen below, Arkane Studios talks about the different options that come up with each choice you make within the game. The story actually begins with you defining your character, as lead designer Ricardo Bare explains that you’re not sure why you’re on the space station to begin with, but, of course, it eventually unfolds as you continue onward.

Raphael Colantonio, creative director for the game, added that you can choose which sex of your character you want, so you can better identify with them. Connections with other characters are made as well, and they can help you further. Some may even ask you for favors, and if you scratch their back, they’ll more than likely scratch yours.

Aliens hunt you over the course of the game, as the Typhon become merciless when it comes to tracking you down. But you can actually empower yourself to battle them with new abilities, which you can pick up. But be warned – the more power you manage to amass, the more the Typhons will come after you with a vengeance.

And that’s where the newest alien for the game is introduced. Known as Nightmare, this large, hulking beast appears to be unstoppable, stalking you at every turn and striking you every chance that it can get. You’ll need to use whatever powers you get your hands on in order to keep it at bay and, hopefully, defeat it at some point.

How all this unfolds can really change the ending of Prey for Morgan, as there will be several available. So you can be a jerk and see what kind of bad conclusion you reach, or be the all-out noble hero and see if it does you any good.

These new decisions will play a big part in Prey, and you’ll be able to see that for yourself when the game arrives on May 5th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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