Sony Is Reportedly Prepping Another “Thinner” PlayStation 4 Model

by Nathan Birch

(Photo: Sony)

Within the past year Sony has released two new versions of their latest hardware – the sleek, low-cost PlayStation 4 Slim, and the beefed up PlayStation 4 Pro. Well, if a new report is to be believed, yet another new model may be about to join the ever-growing PS4 family.

Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes reports that Sony is currently prepping a “thinner” version of the PS4. A large portion of the world's electronics are manufactured in Taiwan, so its entirely likely Digitimes has an inside scoop. In the same article the newspaper delves into which companies are working on Microsoft's Project Scorpio, and mentions that Nintendo expects to ship 20 million Switch units this year.

Ultimately though, it's the revelation that yet another version of the PS4 is on the way that proves most interesting. Digitimes doesn't specify whether this thinner PS4 will be an even more streamlined version of the base PS4, or a pared-down version of the PS4 Pro. The latter seems more likely to be true. The PS4 Pro's “triple-decker” design is a bit clunky, and it would make sense for Sony to take it to Project Scorpio with a redesign and price cut for the Pro.

Another new PS4 model this soon may seem like too much, too fast, but Sony's revisions don't seem to be hurting the brand. Following last year's PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro double launch, Sony had their most lucrative quarter in PlayStation history. So, expect frequent tweaks and updates going forward.

Between the full reveal of Project Scorpio, a deeper look at what the Nintendo Switch is capable of, and the possible unveiling for a new PS4 model, it's going to be another busy E3 this year! Expect to hear more about all the new machines when the show kicks off on June 10.

[via Digitimes]