Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto DLC Coming This Summer

by Robert Workman

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Ever since its release late last year, Final Fantasy XV has done a splendid job telling a story surrounding its characters, even if they’re somewhat new to the Final Fantasy universe. We’ve actually grown to care about these guys over the past few months, enjoying every selfie and determined to survive every battle scenario we’ve gotten into since their introduction.

And now Square is going out of its way to really personify these characters with their own side arcs, including the new Gladio content that’s just released for the game, and, coming this summer, a little more focus on the blonde bad boy of the group, that picture-shooting Prompto.

The extended trailer for his content has been revealed, and while it is a bit on the brief side (for an “extended” trailer, anyway), it really does give us an idea of what to expect with this hero, as he walks along in the desert with a pistol in his hands, approaching a fallen ally on the ground. He finds himself struggling to shoot this unrecognized person for some reason, only to steady the gun and pull the trigger as the screen fades to black.

This will somehow tie in with the game’s storyline, just as Gladio’s content did with the Gladiolus episode that just released for the game. But we’ll be waiting a while to see what happens with Prompto, as his content won’t be arriving for the game until sometime this June. A price point and specific release date haven’t been given yet, but don’t be surprised if it comes out during E3 time, as the show takes place in the same month.

There are a lot of unanswered questions with the trailer, which you can see below, like, “What would push Prompto to need to shoot this guy? How did events lead up to this?” Well, dear Final Fantasy fans, it appears we’ll find out soon enough – but one thing’s for sure, Prompto is shooting a lot more than selfies this time around.

If you haven’t checked out Final Fantasy XV yet, you can still do so on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s definitely worthwhile for the fans.

By Robert Workman

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