Gwent Holding A Technical Beta On PlayStation 4 This Weekend

by Robert Workman


Looking for something fun to do this weekend? How about playing some cards with a few other Witcher fans?

CD Projekt Red has announced that it will be hosting an open beta for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on PlaySation 4. The beta will kick off tomorrow at 10 AM PDT, and run through Sunday, April 2nd, at 11 PM PDT.

To take part, you’ll simply need to go to the PlayStation Store tomorrow morning, download the beta file, and hop into the action!

“During that time, players will be able to create their own decks, check out the tutorial, and participate in online casual matches,” the company noted in the beta announcement.

The beta should be a great way to test out the game before it releases later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, CD Projekt Red did offer a few notes in regards to it, just in case fans ask:

  • The Technical Beta is available in Europe, North America, and South America.
  • The Technical Beta’s purpose is to test how the game works on PlayStation 4 with many users playing simultaneously. Technical glitches are possible, but the game is already fun!
  • We’re not planning to extend the Technical Beta.
  • A PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to participate in the Technical Beta.
  • Real currency purchases are not available in the Technical Beta.
  • After Technical Beta is concluded, Gwent Technical Beta accounts will be deleted.
  • Internet connection is required to play.
  • While Trophies will be available in the final game, you will not receive any for playing the Technical Beta build.

So there you go. Regardless, you can play for this weekend as long as you want, and see how well the game performs for you before it makes its final release. Though a release date hasn’t been given, it likely isn’t too far off.

And it’s a good way to get oriented with the game if you haven’t played it in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt yet, as there are a number of strategies that can be utilized to make yourself the ultimate card player. Just be careful – you’re not the only one out there playing with a full deck.

By Robert Workman

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