Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Selling Like Crazy, New Expansion Coming

by Matthew Hayes

ff trading card
(Photo: Square Enix)

Square Enix is proud to announce today that the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game will reach an incredible milestone today, boasting 3.5 million packs sold worldwide. This, between the two series packs released in North America; "Opus I" was released back in October of 2016, and "Opus II" comes out today! Check out some of the beautiful artwork, and we're sure you'll fall in love. Opus III, by the way, will hit in July.

Those of you who are hearing about this for the first time are probably freaking out. A Final Fantasy trading card game?! Sounds incredible, right? I know, you're over there hitting up Amazon for booster packs, trying to get all of the cards you can, just in case this doesn't catch on. Well you can relax. 3.5 million packs sold is no small feat, and this trading card game has already proven to be a smash hit in Japan for over six years now. We North Americans are late to the party! To date, over 2,000 cards have been produced, but these new Opus series feature brand new illustrations, and newly balanced gameplay. There has never been a better time to jump in.

We all love Hearthstone, and publishes the world over are jumping on the trading card game bandwagon offering up their own games. Soon we'll all be playing GWENT, Duelyst, Fable Fortune, Hearthstone, and more. That's great, because I love me a great card game, but there's something qualitatively different about sitting down across from another human being, and holding a set of beautifully illustrated cards fanned out in your hand. An attack on your opponent feels much more significant when you actually place a card down on the table in front of them, as opposed to clicking and lugging pixels around.

For old-school Magic and Pokémon Trading Card Game enthusiasts like myself, that's a void that no popular card game has been able to fill -- until now. The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game works like pretty much every other card game you might be used to. You have a variety of cards, spanning three different categories (backup, attack, summon), that you can play assuming that you have enough resources built up.

By building up the resources needed to play certain attack cards, fashioned after fan-favorite characters from the Final Fantasy universe, you'll eventually deal enough damage to your opponent to win the game. There are also special summon cards, with special abilities, that can be used once and discarded. Of course, attack cards on the field of play will be attacking each other as well, creating a Final Fantasy meta-universe battle royale of sorts. What Final Fantasy fan wouldn't love that?

Stay tuned to WWG for more on the Final Fantasy trading card game. We'll hope to have some hands-on coverage soon.

By Matthew Hayes

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