Hitman’s Latest Elusive Target Lets You Shoot Back At The Paparazzo

by Nathan Birch

Hitman has unveiled its latest Elusive Target, and you probably won’t feel too bad about putting this guy on ice. It’s time to take tabloid journalism down a peg!

Kieran Hudson is a controversial “photojournalist,” who’s naturally rubbed a few powerful people the wrong way. One of his enemies is former sitcom star Jackie Carrington who wants Keiran dead for writing a series of particularly nasty rumors about them. Kieran will be in Paris stalking fashion designer Sebastian Sato, so you’ll have to sneak into the show to eliminate the target, which won’t be easily done with eyes and security everywhere. But hey, it’ll be worth it – this guy deserves to die for that fedora alone, amirite?

For those not familiar with the latest Hitman, Elusive Targets are one-off, limited-time events that live up to their name. You can’t restart once you’ve begun your assassination attempt, and if you die, you don’t get another chance. So, plan carefully, and don’t feel too badly if the target slips through your murderous fingers. There have been 23 previous Elusive Targets, with developer IO Interactive planning more for the future.

In addition to bragging rights and the cash you get for executing any contract, Elusive Targets also reward players with a variety of spiffy suits. There are suits for offing an Elusive Target in each one of the game’s six maps, killing a certain number of targets, and killing targets while maintaining a “Silent Assassin” rating. A lot of these suits look rather similar to me, but hey, I’m a video game blogger – what do I know about fashion?

(Photo: Square Enix)

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If you want to take a shot at The Paparazzo, the Elusive Target is available until April 18.