Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gets A New Patch, Minor Additions

by Robert Workman

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(Photo: Charlie Intel)

A new update will be dropping for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare today, and while it doesn’t bring a major amount of changes – like next week’s Continuum map pack will be doing – it’s still got some cool stuff that fans will want to check out.

The patch, titled update 1.13, is set to go live today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will take up approximately 1.17GB on consoles and 4.9GB on PC.

The big highlights for the day appear to be a new appearance for the Quartermaster, as Charlie Intel recently pointed out, as well as the availability of a new Voice Over pack, Ozzy Man Reviews, which should be available for purchase later today.

Activision has provided the full rundown of what’s included with the patch, which you can find below:

Featured Content and What’s New

  • Double XP Tokens available in the Quartermaster (use a 2XP token to double the XP of your previous match)

General Fixes

  • The KBS-Longbow and TF-141 inflict different amounts of damage, which is inconsistent when comparing the weapon damage stats for both weapons. This has been fixed
  • Fix for kills made with an energy weapon and fusion mag were not tracking for the Extended Mags prestige challenge
  • Fixed an issue with tacking kills for the Blood Anvil “Ace” Mission
  • Fix for the ‘Time Played’ column in the Combat Record barracks not displaying the unit of time
  • Carpet Bomb challenge previously only tracked kills done by Scorchers. Progress may now also be obtained by using: Trinity Rockets, Bombardment, Warden, T.H.O.R, and AP-3X
  • Fix for the countdown timer not appearing while in control of the RC-8 in Cranked
  • Various map fixes
  • Adjustments to Active Camo visibility: Active Camo will now be slightly more visible, mainly while in motion
  • Fix for an issue where players entering an Infected match as a Synaptic so they don’t look like regular infected
  • Fix for yellow loading icon appearing in Search and Destroy while CODCasting
  • When firing from the hip with the VPR, the reticle would not appear red when close to an enemy. This has been fixed 


  • Slide adjustments: Slightly reduced maximum initial slide velocity
  • Adjusted Search and Destroys spawns on Retaliation when defending. Defender spawns were moved forward to facilitate faster times to the bomb sites
  • Shockwave Updates:
  • Increased non-lethal damage
  • Slightly increased non-lethal radius of Shockwaves performed from low and moderate heights
  • Slightly increased lethal radius of Shockwaves performed from moderate heights
  • Greatly increased lethal radius of Shockwaves performed from great heights

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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