Overwatch Will Soon Get Patched With Control Options

by Robert Workman


Overwatch has seen some phenomenal updates as of late, including the addition of new Heroes, as well as events that have provided us the chance to win some limited-edition skins. But its latest update for the game will address something that a lot of players will certainly appreciate – tweaking controls.

Speaking in the Battle.net forums, lead engineer Tom Ford explained that a new slider will be coming to the console versions of the game, as well as a new aim technique called Linear Ramp. He broke it down below:

“We hear you loud and clear. We’re going to add two options in an upcoming patch. First, we’ll add a slider for aim smoothing. It will default to the current smoothing/acceleration in the game today (full smoothing, low acceleration). As you drag it towards zero, you’ll get less smoothing (higher acceleration). At zero, smoothing is disabled (instant acceleration).

"We’re also adding a new aim technique to compliment Dual Zone and Exponential Ramp. The new technique is called Linear Ramp. If you use this technique along with disabled aim smoothing, you will rotate commensurate to the angle you deflect the aim stick multiplied by your sensitivity.”

For those that need a bit more of a breakdown how that works, PsychoHydro in the Battle.net forums broke it down, noting that aim smoothing “basically means that the game doesn’t allow a linear joystick-angle-to-turn-speed translation. Instead, it only allows for gradual acceleration of turn speed. For example, if you JAM the right stick all the way to one side instantly, you might expect to be turning at max turn speed instantly, but no, instead it starts off slower and then after a half second reaches that max turn speed.”

There’s no word yet on when the update will drop, but it’s probably not going to be too far off, once it goes through the proper testing to make sure that everything is up to speed. Fans should be thrilled with the results, even if this new Linear Ramp technique may take some slight getting used to.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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