Hearthstone’s Latest Expansion Could Cost Quite A Bit To Finish

by Robert Workman


Many Hearthstone players have been enjoying the game a bit more this past few days with the arrival of the Journey To Un’Goro expansion – but they may want to be a bit aware of how much it could cost to finish it up.

According to DualShockers, some players have already been upset across both Reddit and Blizzard, noting that duplicates pop up way too often when it comes to collecting the 135 new cards within the game. But a redditor by the name of Seaserpent02 dug a little deeper, saying they used data from over 1,100 pack openings to determine just how much it would take in terms of buying card packs to get the entire set from the Journey To Un’Goro expansion. And it turns out you’ll be paying quite a bit.

Seaserpent02 estimated that the minimum number of packs you’ll need to complete the pack comes out to 214, with the maximum being over double that at 437. That brings the average down to 316 in all, but that will cost players a total of $399.92 in order to get them all. (Those that want the source code where the research came from can find it here.)

The pack in itself offers 49 commons (which people are getting a lot of duplicates of), as well as 36 rares, 27 epics and 23 legendaries. From what we’ve heard, those much rarer cards are tougher to come by.

That doesn’t mean players necessarily have to make purchases to play the game, but those looking to collect all the cards should probably be aware of just how much they’ll need to buy. It makes sense that a few players would be frustrated by the practice, though the game still has a lot to offer. It’s certainly up to you when it comes to what you want to buy, though.

So users be warned – if it’s a journey you’re after with the new expansion, it’s not exactly paved with someone else’s gold. Maybe proceed with caution, if you have the option.

Hearthstone: Journey To Un’Goro is now available for both mobile devices and PC, as part of the general Heroes of Warcraft game.

By Robert Workman

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