Terry Crews Is Promising Something Big For E3…And Hopefully It’s Doomfist

by Robert Workman


We love Terry Crews. The man makes magic no matter what he’s performing in, whether it’s wiping out enemies in The Expendables, digging up laughs in Brooklyn Nine-Nine or letting loose with some of the most bizarre Old Spice commercials out there.

But a lot of Overwatch fans have been wondering what he’s up to there. After all, he was spotted at the headquarters a few months back, and he’s made no secret about campaigning to be in the game as the legendary Doomfist, although Blizzard has denied his involvement at pretty much every turn.

Now, he’s cooking up something again. During a recent Facebook Live video, where he was providing a number of updates about what was going on in his life, he revealed, at about the 8:40 mark, that he has a “major surprise coming at E3.” And that’s pretty much all he would say about it, but he did say it would be “major, major” and laughed about it. Could we be finally getting this Doomfist reveal that we’ve been so longingly waiting for?

Well, there’s another hint. As you can see in that video, he made the announcement following loading up Overwatch on the computer behind him. Though that’s not a full-on confirmation, why else would he load up the video and then laugh about it? He noted that fans “know what’s going on,” but, again, avoided direct confirmation. But, hey, this could be our most obvious clue yet that he could be coming to the game, either as Doomfist or with some other factor.

Director Jeff Kaplan and his development team have been keeping a tight lid on Doomfist secrets in the game, even though theories have been running wild that the character would soon be added as a playable Hero, between discreet hints within the game and Crews’ continuous posts on social media. E3 would be a hell of a stage to reveal the news on, but, for the time being, the team is currently focusing on its ongoing Unprising event, which runs through early May.

What can we say? E3 just got a lot more interesting.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By Robert Workman

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