The NES Classic Edition Is Selling Like Hotcakes On eBay

by Robert Workman


With the official announcement of its discontinuation last week, fans everywhere are scrambling to get their hands on the NES Classic Edition – and it appears they’re paying sellers quite a bit to get their hands on one.

According to a report from Polygon, the system started selling wildly over on eBay following the announcement that it would no longer be made. At that time, the system was selling with a new unit going every two minutes. A rep from the site indicated that the going price for each unit that sold during that day was around $332 – almost six times its original $59 price.

The prices are still going somewhat high on eBay this week, with the system now selling for $325 per auction. Other auctions indicate that it’s going for around $200-$250, but most are ending around the higher rate. Some auctions list a little higher in sales, with the slight difference that the system has been hacked to include several hundred more games than the intended 30.

This is quite the change of pace from how the system was selling when it first came out. Back then, the NES Classic was truly hard to come by, and a unit was selling every 18 seconds on the site.

Nintendo indicated that the item was never meant to be something that was long-term on the market, merely something that would bring back a nostalgic feeling to the fans that wanted one. Unfortunately, availability was a big problem with the system, as Nintendo simply couldn’t match up supply to go along with the demand. And now that it’s discontinued, some fans are scrambling to add it to their game collection, even if that means paying a loftier price in order to get their hands on it.

It’s a bit sad that so much has to be paid for an item that sold so little, but eBay sellers are used to taking advantage of hot trends such as this. Most of Nintendo’s Pokemon hardware followed suit, with the 3DS XL Pikachu system selling for around $300 these days.

So if you don’t have an NES Classic Edition system just yet, you may want to look around…

By Robert Workman

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