Ultra Street Fighter II Gets Feature Laden Trailer

by Robert Workman


We’re just about over a month away from the arrival of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, the surprise sequel to the hit classic fighting game, which is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch. To commemorate its forthcoming release, Capcom has debuted a new trailer for the game, one that breaks down the many features you’ll be able to access.

No, this trailer celebrates more of the old-school inclusions that are within the game, and we’ve broken them down by sections below:

  • The new combatants: Obviously, Capcom isn’t keeping quiet on the inclusion of the first two new characters to the Street Fighter II legacy in over two decades, Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. Sure, they’re variations of older characters, but they’ll add some much-needed power to the roster.
  • Playing between HD graphics and old-school visuals: Like a few different retro reboots these days (such as Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap), Ultra Street Fighter II has the option to either play with the new HD graphics, or take it back to the old-school with classic visuals taken straight from the 1991 arcade game.
  • With Arcade Stand-By, players that are waiting for challengers to step up won’t need to linger around a lobby. Instead, they’ll be able to play through Arcade Mode while waiting for their buddies, only to have them entering with “Here comes a new challenger!” – standard for the Street fighter
  • Casual and ranked online matches – a staple for most great fighting games.
  • Character color edit, in case you feel like making Blanka into more weird colors
  • Buddy battle – a new mode in which two friends can actually team up together in co-op to take on CPU opponents. In case you’re having trouble beating up M. Bison on the first try, this is great to try out.
  • Way of the Hado Mode – the previously announced first-person mode of the game, where you can take on challengers using motion controls.
  • Playing versus on the same system – as expected, you can break apart the JoyCon controllers into two units for versus match-ups…though how anyone can execute fighting moves on such a tiny controller is kind of beyond us.
  • Touchscreen super moves. Want to execute super moves in an easy fashion? Just tap your Switch touchscreen and watch the sparks fly once your meter is full.
  • Special gallery. It looks like Ultra Street Fighter II will have an unlockable gallery with a bunch of great vintage artwork from the series – a must for fans! It features over 1,400 illustrations.

Check out the trailer below!

Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers... by WWG

Ultra Street Fighter II releases on May 26th for Nintendo Switch.

By Robert Workman

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