Could The Binding Of Isaac Get An Amiibo Figure?

by Robert Workman

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Nicalis’ The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ has been doing rather amazing since its release on the Nintendo Switch last month, attracting a fleet of new players and fans as they avoid trouble with the not-so-helpless Isaac. But could the game be inspiring a new Amiibo to come to the Nintendo Switch?

The publisher recently took to Twitter to see what kind of interest there was in getting an Amiibo figurine of Isaac made, complete with his crying eyes and, well, not-clothed body. The publisher asked, “What’s that? You really want an #Amiibo from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ on #NintendoSwitch?” and also featured the below picture showing what the character would look like.


Isaac isn’t exactly your typical Nintendo character – he’s naked and upset, after all – but then again, Nintendo’s been diversifying its line-up of Amiibo toys over the past few months, including the release of a special Shovel Knight Amiibo, as a partnership with Yacht Club Games. The publisher has also been planning Amiibos based on other, more mature franchises, including Ryu from Street Fighter, Bayonetta and Cloud from Final Fantasy.

While the Amiibo isn’t official, it looks like things could be in motion for putting it on the market – which would be an interesting change of pace from Nintendo’s previous thinking. Back in 2013, the company actually stopped the development team behind Isaac from releasing the game for its platforms, citing its “questionable religious content” for being too much for players. It appears that it’s loosened up on this policy since that time, as Isaac came out for the New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, to great success. An Amiibo may be questionable given the character’s nakedness, but, hey, maybe it’ll loosen up on this as well.

We’ll let you know if the Isaac Amiibo becomes official, and where you’ll be able to pick it up. More than likely, it’ll be a limited release, much like the Shovel Knight Amiibo, and could also unlock new content in Afterbirth+ once it’s properly patched to do so. Perhaps we’ll even get a more powerful version of Isaac as a result.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is available now for Nintendo Switch.

By Robert Workman

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