Gotta Protectors May Bring Its 8-Bit Glory to Nintendo Switch

by Matthew Hayes

One of my absolute favorite games on the Nintendo 3DS is this charming 8-bit action / RPG called Gotta Protectors. It's the perfect, quirky blend of old-school chiptunes, crazy character art, simple but addictive gameplay, and endlessly addicting progression loops. It's a game that you can pick up and play for five minutes and feel satisfied, and a game that you can binge on for hours without realizing it. It's a game that is satisfying to play alone, but way more fun to play with friends. We're hearing that developer Ancient Games may be bringing it to the Nintendo Switch, and we couldn't by more excited.

According to GoNintendo, Ancient Games has hinted that Gotta Protectors will be receiving a port, but it hasn't given us any specific details. Hopefully we'll be hearing something sooner than later. It's hard to explain what makes Gotta Protectors so charming, so we thought we'd show you instead. Check out the official trailer from when the game hit 3DS last year:

"The bad guys are after Princess Lola. You gotta protect her! Choose from a diverse and memorable cast of six classes, each with unique weapons and customizable, upgradeable skills. Strategically place barricades and turrets, hire hirelings, move Lola (the source of your power) around the map, and get ready to hack, slash, and magically mash wave after wave of enemies. LEVEL UP and DESTROY THEM ALL! Fight through 100 story maps, or create your own using the Map Editor and share them with friends via QR Code patterns."

They don't even mention this in the game description or the list of features (and they should), but one of the neatest things about this game is its meta intro. Before you even get to the title screen you're presented with a Gotta Protectors cartridge being inserted into a console. It never works, so the the cartridge is flipped strip-side down so you can blow into the 3DS microphone and reinsert the game. That does the trick!

Those little nods to the days of classic 8-bit gaming are dished out in spades; you even get a worn and dog-eared instruction manual to flip through, which includes those mandatory blank "notes" pages at the end. Ancient Games nailed this one, and we can't wait to gather some friends around the Nintendo Switch, Joy-Con in our hands, to slay some goblins.

By Matthew Hayes

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