Twitch Expands Partner Subscription Plans, Offers Gift Options

by Robert Workman


Twitch has done really well with supporting its content creators, giving them a number of subscription options (including creating their own specialty emotes) and abilities to draw in an even bigger audience. Today, it decided to expand upon those features, adding even more options to make these creators feel right at home when it comes to giving their fans the ability to show extra support.

The company has announced upgrades to its subscription program. Along with the regular monthly $4.99 option, the company has introduced options on top of that, with new $9.99 and $24.99 subscription fans, for those of you that want to go the extra mile in supporting said creators.

“Subscriptions are a defining part of the Partnership program since it enables fans to show appreciation for their favorite creators, while adding to the native language of Twitch by introducing new emotes daily,” the company noted. “These new subscription options will soon go live as an opt-in beta.”

Partners that are approved with the program will be able to reward “super fans” with a number of exclusive options for their support, including new exclusive emotes and other options that will be available soon.

On top of that, Twitch is also offering an option for those that can’t purchase their own subscription to a particular Partner. Later on this year, any user will be able to purchase a channel subscription and gift it to another non-subbed user. It’s a great way to share the love for a particular Partner, without asking them to fork over cash firsthand. No word yet on when exactly it will go live, but Twitch is sure to pass on notification when it’s ready to go.

Some people may think that Partners do just fine with the $4.99 monthly, but there are those that really want to show devotion to creators, like artists looking to do more with their designs or game players looking to pick up on their popularity, so the advanced subscription options can actually do them a world of good. Now it’s just a matter of seeing what kind of creativity the Partners put into their new subscription programs…

By Robert Workman

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