Unreal Engine 4 Trailer Shows It Can Bring Photorealism to Video Games Now

by Matthew Hayes

The hard-working folks over at Epic Games just released a brand new tech demo video showing the power of Unreal Engine 4. You know, that fancy new game engine that everyone keeps using to create mind-blowing videos of what a next-gen Super Mario or Pokémon game could look like? You've seen the ones. Well, forget pocket monsters and short cartoony plumbers, Epic wants to show off just how real characters can look using this cutting-edge engine. Check out their video:

Pores. Pores everywhere. Pores are the new polygons, and I don't want to hear any developers boasting about how incredible their characters look unless I can count the freaking pores on their face.

Seriously, though, Unreal Engine 4 is just heating up, and as the year goes on we're going to see more games using it to great effect. We know that Paragon, Epic's free-to-play MOBA was created in UE4, and so was Snake Pass. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite will also be running in Unreal Engine 4, so expect that game to look great.

As wonderful as these characters look in UE4, it doesn't necessarily mean that every game has to adopt a photorealistic aesthetic or necessarily crank everything up to 11. The Nintendo Switch is perfectly capable of running Unreal Engine 4 games, after all, and Snake Pass looks wonderful on that compact machine.

"Creating authentic, believable characters is a fundamental goal for many of today’s 3D artists and game developers," Epic said in a post promoting the new video. "For the past couple of years, Epic has been bringing new rendering features to UE4 that improves shading for skin, eyes, hair and other character attributes."

One thing is for sure, with tools like these in the hands of developers around the world -- developers large and small -- we're in for the best looking games we've ever seen. It's a great time to be a gamer, y'all.

By Matthew Hayes

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